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Who Owns the Truth? – Ars Electronica Festival Podcast

Ars Electronica

This year's Ars Electronica Festival bears the provocative title 'Who Owns the Truth?'. Set at a time where digital technologies are radically changing our understanding of reality and truth, this motto poses a central question that concerns us all. Who owns the truth in a world shaped by Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and algorithms? In a society that is increasingly polarised and fragmented and where misinformation and 'fake news' have become part of our daily lives? And what role do art, science and technology play in all of this?

The 'new old' venue, the former postal distribution hub POSTCITY in Linz, adds an extra dimension to this. Rusty steel structures and concrete surfaces reminiscent of the industrial past contrast with the future-oriented, ultra-modern art and technology festival that is being brought to life here. This combination of past and future reflects the core themes of the festival in a striking way, and POSTCITY not only serves as a venue, but becomes part of the discourse around truth, reality and the digital future itself.

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